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Ostrilac Follow-up Formula (7-12 months) 900g


100% Imported from France

Manufactured by Lactalis International, the world’s largest dairy group.


  • Nucleotides plays an important role in immune system
  • DHA 60mg/100g & AA 65mg/100g
  • 32 comprehensive nutrients for all-round optimal growth
  • FOS & GOS helps increase intestinal bifidobacterial and helps maintain a good intestinal environment
  • Protein & Zinc are essential for growth and development
  • Calcium aids in the development of strong bones and teeth
  • Taurine helps to support overall mental & physical development
  • DHA and AA are important building blocks for brain & eye development
  • Choline helps to support overall mental function
  • Folic acid is essential for growth and division of cell
  • Vitamin A is essential for functioning of the eye
  • Iron is a factor in red blood cell formation
  • No added sucrose


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Ostricare Cow Milk Follow-up Formula Step 2

SKU: Cow Milk
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