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  • What is the country of origin of Ostricare Cow Milk Formula?
    Ostricare Cow Milk Formula is 100% imported from France. It is manufactured by Lactalis International, the largest dairy group in the world. For more than 25 years, Lactalis International has been developing the positions of the Lactalis International in Asia. Lactalis International's success is based on a strategy that respects strong dairy expertise and maintains high quality and organoleptic standards for all its products.
  • What are the benefits of Ostricare Cow Milk Formula?
    Ostricare Cow Milk Formula is formulated with double protection to support children's immune system and digestion. It contains two key ingredients: nucleotides to boost the immune system, and BB-12®️ probiotics to improve digestion.
  • Can children with colic drink Ostricare Cow Milk Formula?
    Yes. In fact, Ostricare Cow Milk Formula is beneficial for children with colic as it contains BB-12®️ probiotics, which are clinically proven to reduce colic symptoms.
  • Can children with constipation drink Ostricare Cow Milk Formula?
    Yes. Ostricare Cow Milk Formula contains probiotic BB-12®️ which is clinically proven to improve digestion of children and reduce the risk of getting constipation.
  • Can children with Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) drink Ostricare Cow Milk Formula
    Children with CMPA are advised to check with their pediatrician before consuming Ostricare Cow Milk Formula.
  • Can pre-term toddlers drink Ostricare?
    Yes, pre-term or premature toddlers can drink Ostricare Cow Milk without any issue. However, if your child is experiencing severe digestion difficulty such as constipation, hard stools and colic, please consult your pediatrician before switching formula.
  • How should I store Ostricare Cow Milk Formula?
    Store Ostricare Cow Milk Formula in cool and dry condition and avoid direct sunlight. Consume the content within 1 month after opening.
  • How do I prepare Ostricare Cow Milk Formula?
    Mix 1 scoop of powder with 1 oz (30ml) of boiled warm water. Refer to the feeding guide in the can for more information.
  • Does Ostricare Cow Milk Formula contain hormones?
    Our milk is free of hormones, steroids and GMO products.
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